Magnificent Gardens Around the World to Admire

Magnificent Gardens Around the World to Admire

While we’re very proud of our Australian gardens, there’s no denying there are some magnificent gardens around the world that we’d love to see. In no particular order, here are just a few magnificent gardens on our bucket list: Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Containing...

Covid-19 Update | 23 March

In the face of Covid-19 we have made some changes to business. In a bid to reduce hand contact we have stopped accepting cash and ask that all customers pay by card. We are also allowing customers to purchase Garden Nursery supplies – plants, pots, garden supplies, gifts over the phone and have them delivered at specified times weekly.

Soil Yard is also offering a $30 delivery fee to our residential clients – conditions apply

For further information on these updates please read more HERE and follow us on social media @plantswhitsunday.

Thank-you for your understanding and continued support during this time.