tree services in the whitsundays

We offer a wide range of tree services in the Whitsundays with jobs varying from the simplest things like cleaning out second or third story gutters, to the more complex work of our professional arborists.

Tree Removal & Felling

Trees are felled or removed for a variety of reasons. Each job requires different techniques and approach depending on the specifics of the task at hand – age, size, shape, insect infestation etc. Consideration and careful planning are important when felling any tree as there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration in order to minimise any inherent risks.

If performed by the inexperienced both removal and felling are hazardous exercises to both people and property. It pays to call in a professional with the correct licensing, accreditation and insurances so your property is protected.

Tree Maintenance

Trimming – Pruning – Shaping – Lopping. Trees are a valuable asset to any property so it is important to consider the long-term effect of maintenance work. Damaging effects of incorrect lopping or pruning of trees can be harmful to the health of the tree itself, causing;

  • undue stress
  • weakly attached and crowded re-growth
  • increased susceptibility to fungal and insect infestation
  • an unattractive shape.

Using correct techniques prevents die back and disease while enhancing aesthetics. For optimal tree health and longevity it is important for a professional to carry out general tree maintenance.

Tree Surgery / Arborist Services

Our staff are certified Arborists, skilled with the knowledge required to diagnose problems and recommend tree maintenance solutions.

Tree Transplanting

Relocating mature trees can cause sudden shock and possible subsequent death to the plant. With not all species being suitable for transplanting our tree services team are able to implement their skills and knowledge to ensure the best possible outcome for the relocation of the tree.

Clearing from Power Lines

Living in a cyclone susceptible area it is important to keep trees clear of power lines. Plants Whitsundays has the correct insurance and licenses to work around power lines safely.

Cyclone and Storm Season

‘Being safe than sorry’ is a great motto when preparing for cyclone season. It’s not always easy to detect potential risks a tree might have to property or faults in the tree, such as cracks in trunks and major limbs, ageing, decay etc. We advise that an inspection takes place every 2 years. Following this if your property does suffer storm damage from fallen trees or broken limbs the clean-up should be conducted cautiously as the stability of the trees still standing pose a risk.

Stump Grinding

Our tree services team uses specialised equipment to remove tree stumps, leaving no stump and no mess. Stump grinding and removal is a great way to even out the ground, discourage termite activity and prepare the ground for construction or landscaping. Our stump grinder is a SC30 TX Vermeer with cutting teeth. The machine is able to chew away at the stump 150mm below ground level. Afterwards the left over stump grindings are used to refill the cavity left from the stump.

Palm Tree Maintenance and Denutting

Palms are notorious for creating mess and harbouring pests and are hazardous for those moving around below them. Our tree services team remove dead fronds, seed pods, coconut and deal with any pests that may be present keeping your palms (and the people around them) safe!

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