Alocasia Polly

This elephant ear is a truly beautiful pot plant with clumping dark green leaves with light green silvery veins . They love a bright but indirect light with high humidity, bathrooms or kitchens are perfect spots. They can survive well as an under-storey plant in a brightly lit shady area.



Scientific Name: Alocasia Amazonica
Height: 30 – 50cm
Width: 30 – 50cm
Light Conditions: Part shade, shade
Watering Requirements: Keep moist but not wet/soaked
Flowering: No
Fruiting: No
Common Pests: Spider mite, mealy bug, scale, aphids
Common Disease: Root rot
PH tolerances: 5.5 to 6.5
Growth Rate: Fast in the right conditions
Nutrients Requirements: Iron, Acid, Neutral