Cordyline Chocolate Queen

Combined with other cordyline varieties the Chocolate Queen gives a perfect ambiance to your tropical garden.  When mature the foliage becomes flushed with chocolate purple and deep red colouring. Also suited to grow in a pot indoors or out.



Scientific Name: Cordyline fruticosa
Height: 2m
Width: 1m
Light Conditions: Part Shade – Full Sun
Soil: Free draining soil
Watering Requirements: Water regularly until established. Keep soil moist, water whenever the soil surface starts to feel dry.
Flowering: Nil
Fruiting: Nil
Common Pests: Grasshoppers, Mealy bug, spider mite, scale
Common Disease: Bacterial and fungal spots, root rot.
PH tolerances: 6.1 – 6.5
Growth Rate: Moderate
Nutrients Requirements: Fertilise yearly with a slow release fertiliser