Duranta Sheenas Gold

Striking vibrant golden foliage plant ideal for dense hedging. Create texture by contrasting with a darker green or purple foliage in larger gardens. Also suited for topiary with a display of blue flowers followed by orange coloured berries.  Pruning will promote bushy growth and a fuller flush of flowers next time round.

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Scientific Name: Duranta repens
Height: 3m
Width: 2m
Light Conditions: Full Sun
Soil: Well drained soil
Watering Requirements: Water regularly to keep soil moist however avoid overly damp soil
Flowering: Lilac-blue, Spring, Summer
Fruiting: Ornamental Orange Berries
Common Pests: White Flies
Common Disease: Not prone to disease
PH tolerances: 5.6 – 7.5
Growth Rate: Fast
Nutrients Requirements: Fertilise in late spring with slow release fertiliser