Echeveria Black Knight

A dramatic succulent with fleshy black-purple leaves added with contrast of bright green new growth in the center. For the best and deepest colour keep the succulent in a brightly lit location. Echeveria are popular pot plants and appear in most succulent collections. They can be easily propagated by separating pups.



Scientific Name: Echeveria
Height: 30cm
Width: 30cm
Light Conditions: Full Sun – Part Shade
Soil: Well drained soil
Watering Requirements: Allow to dry well between watering. Do not over water.
Flowering: Dark red, spring- summer
Fruiting: N/A
Common Pests: Mealy bug, slugs, snails
Common Disease: Root rot if over watered
PH tolerances: ‎6.5-7.5
Growth Rate: Slow
Nutrients Requirements: Light dose of slow-release fertilizer in spring