Have you heard of a Bog Garden? Don’t let their unattractive name fool you these gardens house some mighty pretty plants and make for beautiful additions to any space. While you can plant out a bog garden in your backyard – check out Gardening Know How’s blog on this. You can also create small scale versions in containers! We love these for many reasons; they are easy to maintain, don’t require a lot of space and have the potential to be incredibly practical and attractive – edible plants anyone?

How to create a bog garden

Firstly you will need a pot or container. We love wide shallow pots but any container will work as long as it doesn’t have drainage. Then fill your container with soil rather than potting mix. When planting be mindful not to plant too deep as this may cause the plant to die later – a quick chat to our staff in the garden centre will be sure to put you on the right track here. Then you just have to make sure your bog garden is continually moist.

Pro tip: To block up drainage holes in pots you can use a product likeĀ Selley’s knead it.

What plants to use

This is the fun bit about bog gardens, the plants! Submersible and marginal plants are best for these types of gardens and choosing a mix of upright and spreading plants will make for an attractive display. You can also include edibles and flowering plants along with the reeds and grasses to add more visual interest and colour.

Suitable plants we regularly have in stock are;
Black magic, Thatching reed, Zebrinus, Dward Umbrella Grass, Arum Lily, Louisiana Iris, Re Stem Giant Water Canna, Lemon Bacopa, Vietnamese Mint, Dwarf Papyrus, Brown Drumstick, Parrots Feather, Water Dropwort, Memory Herb.

Prices range from $12 – $28.

How to care for your bog garden.

Position your bog garden in a bright place and make sure that the soil never dries out! Moisture & hydration is key here!!!

We’ve put together an example of a small scale bog garden with plants and products we currently have in stock. All this for under $110!

bog garden ideas

Bog Garden for $109 || Medium Pot $45, Bacopa $13, Arum Lily $12, Water Dropwort $13, Dwarf Papyrus $26

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