It’s the school holidays! And you know what that means … there’s a seemingly endless amount of time that needs to be filled with activities to keep little minds and bodies busy.

If you’re looking for some new ways to keep your little ones occupied in your own backyard, we’ve put together some of the best kids garden ideas right here. Check them out below and then follow the links to see some examples of what you can create!

1. Make a garden tower

Choose several pots that will stack inside each other and create a tower. Keep in mind that they shouldn’t stack together too tightly, because you’ll need to leave some space for planting around the edges and in the corners.

Starting with the largest pot on the bottom, your kids can help you fill it with potting mix and then nestle the next pot on top. Repeat until the tower is complete and then comes the fun part – planting an array of flowers and herbs into the exposed dirt.

Once the planting is done, give each child a watering can so they can have fun helping their creation grow!

This one is perfect if you have some spare pots lying around the house. If not, pop into the Garden Centre, and we’ll take care of you!

2. Get crafty with garden markers

Garden markers are a great way to get your kids involved in sprucing up your backyard. And you can use just about anything like; wooden spoons, rocks or paddle pop sticks for example. In fact, your kids will probably enjoy a scavenger hunt around your house and garden to see what they can find!

Once you have collected the items, the kids can paint them up. Go traditional and paint the actual word on, or have some fun and paint the rocks just like the plants they are marking. For example, painting a rock like a strawberry to mark the place where your strawberry plants are growing.

3. Make basil egg heads

This one has to be our favourite of the kids garden ideas, and we’re sure you’ll love it too!

Start by saving an egg carton and the broken egg shells. The biggest shells will become mini-pots for herbs.

Your kids can easily draw or paint some faces onto the shells so that once the herbs grow. It looks the little egg faces have sprouted hair! Try planting basil in the shells – it will make for a great head of hair and is well-suited to growing in our climate.

Some of the fun is saved for later too – when the herbs have grown, your kids can crush the eggs and then plant them straight into a planter or garden bed.

Need to pick up some supplies for these great kids garden ideas? Contact our friendly Garden Centre team today on (07) 4946 1258.