Aloe vera

Aloe is one of the most widely used medicinal plants treating minor burns and rashes. Aloe do best in dry conditions, letting the soil completely dry before being watered. If potted make sure the pot has plenty of drainage holes to avoid standing water. Aloe’s are an attractive succulent that make for a great indoor companion.



Scientific Name: Aloe vera
Height: 1m
Width: 0.5m
Light Conditions: Full Sun – Part Sun
Watering Requirements: Avoid overwatering, let the soil completely dry before being watered.                                 Flowering: Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow
Fruiting: No
Common Pests: Mealy bug
Common Disease: Root rot, Soft rot, Fungal stem rot, Leaf rot
PH tolerances: 7.0 – 8.5
Growth Rate: Slow to moderate
Nutrients Requirements: No special requirements