5th of May marks the start of International Compost Awareness Week in Australia! The week is aimed to improve awareness around the value and importance of compost as an organic resource. Through composting we can all play a small role in helping to scrap carbon pollution by avoiding landfilling organic materials and helping to build healthier soils.

There are many ways to compost but one of the most easiest for residential homes is using a system like Bokashi. The Bokashi One Bucket is an eco-friendly compost system designed to live in your kitchen. Layering the Bokashi One Mix through food waste results in an accelerated fermentation process that eliminates the odours associated with putrefaction and decay.  During this process the water content from the waste drains into the base of the system where it can be tapped out and used to enrich the soil around your home. With this system the volume of waste is reduced and the compost can then be transferred outside and buried beneath the soil.Bokashi one system available at Plants Whitsunday

Do’s & Don’t for composting with the Bokashi One system.

  • Do cut up your scraps smaller to aid in fast composting
  • Do throw in your egg shells, fruit and vege scraps, some carbohydrates, coffee grounds and teabags.
  • Do press down each layer of food to remove air pockets
  • Don’t add large amounts of rotten or mouldy food
  • Don’t add excessive amounts of liquid
  • Do not place the bucket in the sun

You can purchase a Bokashi One at the Plants Whitsunday Garden Centre or find out more about them here www.bokashi.com.au

If however you are fortunate enough to have a larger area then you can have an outside compost pile or bin. Just remember the first layer should be brown matter and water (leaves, twigs, soil, straw, newspaper etc) this aids in the break-down of food scraps down the track. Then add a green layer of roughly the same amount and for added oomph it is beneficial to mix in some manure or mushroom compost. We recommend Rocky Point Australia Cow Manure and Mushroom Compost available to purchase at our Garden Centre.

For any composting enquiries please chat to our friendly staff at the Garden Centre or call 4946 1258 and remember not to compost plastic, metal, chemicals, weeds, diseased plants, glossy magazines, or treated pine sawdust.

Happy Composting!