As Australians, the idea of indoor-outdoor living means a lot to us. After all, doesn’t every Aussie’s memory of childhood include glorious sunshine, backyard BBQs, swimming in the pool or running under the sprinkler?That means our outdoor living spaces are just as important as the interior, so beautiful and functional landscaping is a must when it comes to achieving optimal property value.In fact, research by Husqvarna Group found that time and resources spent on gardening have an “estimated Payback-If-Sold of 3.6 times the investment” for Australian properties. So, let’s look at just how landscaping can directly affect property value:

An immediate value-add, that also adds value over time

While most things in your home date or are affected by wear and tear, your greenery grows more bountiful over time. Evidence of careful planning, established trees and mature hedges all contribute to the positive effect of landscaping on property value.

Smart landscaping can solve problems

Providing shade near your windows to block the harsh rays of the sun means you may not need to use your fans and air conditioners as much. This is great news for both your hip pocket, but also the environment.

Plants can be used to solve privacy concerns in a more appealing way than fences can, and this can also contribute to the positive effect of landscaping on property value.

Gardens are intimately related to overall house appeal

As soon as you arrive at a property, the front yard is the first thing you see. Much like an entryway providing the first impression as soon as you set foot in the door, the front garden creates that initial impression of your entire home. And as we all know, first impressions and curb appeal count.

Landscaping extends the living space

We love our decks and patios, allowing us to enjoy all that our beautiful land has to offer – and in a social setting, no less. These outdoor spaces, therefore, become an extension of your house. Factors like a home’s sense of flow and its livability contribute to the positive effect of landscaping on property value.

Landscaping adds design flair

Plants can add colour and form to a property that favours a minimalist or neutral appearance, without the need to repaint or make drastic design choices. In Australia, we aren’t too concerned with gardening trends, which means you can go all out with your landscape design, without worrying it won’t be “trendy” in a couple of years.

So, what are essential property value-enhancers, when it comes to your yard?

According to this report, based on feedback from our fellow Aussies, the top five enhancers are:

  1. A well-maintained lawn
  2. An inviting social area
  3. Designed stone paths
  4. Decorative trees
  5. Decorative bushes

So, now that you can see how investing in your backyard can have such a positive effect on property value, is it time you reassessed your home’s landscaping?

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