Man’s best friend is often not the garden’s best friend, with digging, plant-eating and lawn-destroying high on the list of frustrations for canine owners. This is common when introducing a dog to your existing garden environment. But, what if you planned your backyard with your canine pal in mind?

Dog-friendly garden designs can go a long way in minimising destructive behaviour and keeping your yard looking tidy and fresh.

Here are a few of our favourite ideas when it comes to dog-friendly garden designs:

Create a dig zone

If you give your furry friend a designated dig pit, he’ll be less likely to wreak havoc on other areas of your yard. The clam shells designed for children are perfect. Fill them with sand or dirt and always bury a few treats and toys before heading out. Effectively, the dog is rewarded and should learn to dig only in this place.

Try a turf-alternative

Synthetic grass or a hardscape like stone mulch can be a suitably porous place for a dog to do their business. This will mean you don’t end up with pesky urine stains or a dug-up lawn.

If you can’t bring yourself not to have a traditional lawn, try using a tougher, warm-season grass like Bermuda which can hold up better to your pet’s garden antics.

Provide shade and shelter

Of course, shade and shelter are a must for your furry pal’s well being. You may already have noticed they have a favourite place to lie – this is for a reason. If they have destroyed the grass in this area, turn it into a designated doggy rest zone, with a kennel and a soft place to lie.

Bonus points if the space provides a view inside your home’s main living area – dogs want to feel like part of the family after all!

Install stone walkways around the yard perimeter

There’s nothing you can do to stop your dog pacing around the edge of the backyard. So, consider placing your garden beds in more central areas. You can also add a decorative stone walkway around the perimeter of the yard. This will help to reduce the damage caused by their perimeter patrols and enhance your landscape appeal too!

Plant with your dog in mind

Opting for robust plants with strong root systems will mean you don’t end up with plants torn out of the ground and littered across your backyard. The most important thing is to make sure you don’t include those plants toxic to pets.

Get them a throne

No, I’m not joking! Many dogs enjoy a vantage point to sit and survey their kingdom. A large flat rock can be a great option for this and help to keep them off things you’d prefer them not to sit on – like your outdoor dining table!

Looking for some help implementing your dog-friendly garden designs? Our landscaping team are ready and willing! After all, at Plants Whitsunday, we love our dogs too!